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Graceland Episode 9

  • Episode Name: Smoke Alarm

  • Air date:8/15/2013

  • Summary:
    Bello's last strike to the Caza Cartel sets a war in motion that Graceland now needs to stop. While on her hunt for Odin, Charlie meets an unusual ally and Briggs comes face to face with the past.



"Graceland" season 1 episode 9 "Smoke Alarm" will air Thursday August 15, 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. If you missed the last few episodes. You can watch them online at USA Network's official site. You can also watch the upcoming episode free online a day after it airs on the official site, or watch the current episodes for free on Hulu. There was a huge cliffhanger in the previous episodes (major spoilers) when we discovered that Briggs could possibly be Odin and Charlie has a suspicion that Briggs and Odin are connected.

USA released a "Graceland" season 1 episode 9 "Smoke Alarm" online promo which hints at what we might expect for the upcoming episode which will pick up where the last one left off. The description of the upcoming "Smoke Alarm" episode is as follows:  "A war ignites between Bello and the Caza cartel; Charlie picks up an unexpected ally while on the hunt for Odin; and Briggs confronts his past."

The video of "Graceland" season 1 episode 9 "Smoke Alarm" offers tantalizing hints that suggest things are going to come to a head among members of Graceland house. Charlie was already suspicious about Briggs and his activities in the past episode, now it appears that she openly comes out with her suspicions. Unfortunately for her the naively trusting Johnny tells Briggs, we've already seen how ruthless Briggs can be when he knocked Mike out in the past episode using a sleeper hold to protect himself. We have a feeling that this might not end well for Charlie. On the other hand, Briggs does suggest that he is using "one monster as bait to get the other". So who really knows at this point.

In the promo trailer for "Graceland" season 1 episode 9 "Smoke Alarm" we see Briggs planting something in the house and there seems to be an indication that Brigg's betrayal is going to cost someone their life. We also see a suprising scene with a man who looks kind of like Briggs torturing Bello and menacing him with a knife. We only see the top of his head because the face is obscured so it could be someone from the Caza cartel, which Bello is going to war with. One of the final and the most disturbing scenes we see is Briggs shooting someone, saying "Oh god Mikey," and kneeling over Mike who appears to have been shot in the stomach. Could "Graceland" really take out their lead character? We doubt it, this isn't "Game of Thrones".

The previous "Graceland" season 1 episode 8 "Bag Man" saw some major revelations as Bello faced off against the Caza Cartel which gave Bello an ultimatum.  Up till this point in "Graceland" the viewers have been left wondering whose side Briggs is on. He is one of the most morally ambiguous characters on the show unlike the straight-laced and serious Mike who always tries to do the right thing.

Since the past episode we have been getting the sense that Briggs may be a bad guy, the notoriously manipulative drug dealer Odin Rossi which became more apparent in episode 7 and episode 8 "Bag Man". In the upcoming episode "Smoke Alarm" it seems that Mike will be pushed to make even more morally ambiguous decisions than he already has. 

Since episode 7 suspicion has been building even in Graceland house around Briggs and his activities. Charlie is the most suspicious, even more than DJ. Mike on the other hand appears to consistently buy Briggs stories, no matter how outrageous or bizarre they appear. Perhaps Mike is right and Briggs is merely acting like Odin in order to win Bello's trust. The alliance with Bello does get him advantages but has also won the ire of the Caza cartel.

We will have to wait till Thursday August 15, 10 p.m. ET on USA Network when we can watch "Graceland" online and find out if Mike dies and if the Graceland house finds out about Briggs' true identity as Odin.

What do you thing of watching "Graceland" episodes of "Graceland" episode 9 "Smoke Alarm" online free?

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