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This episode was kind of goofy and creepy at the same time. It reminded me of that Christmas episode with the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. Part of what makes Humpty Dumpty a creepy character though, aside from his appearance is his childish nature. He traps Gordon and his former boss Tobias Whale (who’s no doubt going to be an ersatz Penguin.) inside giant toy soldier-bombs, but he seems genuinely unaware that he’s hurting people. He just wants to play with toys and get revenge on his boss for dragging him into a game he doesn’t want to play.

    Great detective work here, as Batman figures out how to disarm the bombs, and tracks down Humpty Dumpty. (Funny moment: When Batman asks the Batmobile what Humpty Dumpty’s last known location is, it responds, “A wall.”) Humpty Dumpty shoots at Batman with a big laser gun as he’s trying to disarm the bombs, and Batman explains that he forgives him, but doesn’t excuse his actions. He can’t just pretend he’s not responsible. Desperate, Humpty jumps off a building to reveal…some kinda robot? It was vaguely creepy. The creepiness comes from Humpty’s childish naiveté. He’s a “broken” man.

   Another subplot involves more of the mystery of the Soul Stealer sword. It can apparently really steal souls and everyone including The League of Assassins is after it. Perhaps it will play a bigger role in another season, with a possible Ra’s Al Ghul appearance…that would be nice! Alfred mentions that even MI6 and the CIA are looking for the sword, so Katana had better keep it safe.
A good episode, though a bit goofy at times. The giant toy soldier-bombs were a bit much, but added to the creepiness. Strong themes of forgiveness and personal responsibility. Also, Gordon seems to be warming up to Batman. I predict Batgirl will come into the show soon, when Gordon trusts Batman!

  If Humpty was just some kind of fat egg-shaped robot…maybe he’ll return? In contrast to Professor Pyg, I feel this was a more faithful translation of Grant Morrison’s more macabre characters. He’s animated very strangely; peering out of darkness and waddling like a skiddish child. Very creepy and good episode.  B+ for a rating; just because of the toy soldier and nursery rhyme gimmicks!

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