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Oh, My Dad!! Episode 6

Scientist Shinkai Genichi was once in the international spotlight during his university days for the development of a magnesium-air battery. He received investments from overseas companies and set up Shinkai Energy Research Institute. However, he could not get to the point of commercialising the technology. 18 years on, he is still carrying out research in pursuit of his dream, and neglects his family.

His wife Sayoko has been raising their only son Kota who has turned 5 while working part-time to support the household. However, she is fed up with Genichi and has constant quarrels with him. At one time, Genichi gets the opportunity to present the magnesium-air battery technology to the persons in charge of development at a petroleum company through the connections of Kishida Fumiaki a former research staff who now works for Nitto Bussan, a major trading company.

On this day, Genichi wrecks his prototype because of some problems. He takes money set aside for the apartment rent to buy replacement parts, but the presentation ends abysmally. Sayoko, who learns about this, takes out her anger at Genichi and finally leaves the house. The next morning, Genichi realises that Sayoko is not around and just sends Kota to his nursery school. Sayoko does not answer her mobile phone and has also quit her part-time job. Examining her personal belongings, Genichi discovers a written notification to cancel the contract for the apartment and a reminder letter for a card loan.

His face drains of colour. When he goes to pick Kota up at nursery school, he happens to meet his ex-girlfriend Hayasaka Mizuki, who is also Kishida’s colleague, again. Then he and Kota are driven out of the apartment because rent has not been paid, and they are forced to live like the homeless.

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